January 24, 2021

Top 10 future gifts under the Christmas tree

Top 10 future gifts under the Christmas tree

Christmas, birthdays, name days (yes, Czechs celebrate those as well) have one thing in common: Gifts. And sometimes, you could stretch your brain long and wide but no thought of an original gift to be found. That’s why we would like to indulge you in our list that combines technology, fashion and style. Our rule is simple: less geeky, less business and much more enjoyable.
Fashionable motivation

Keeping a healthy or at least somewhat healthy daily routine is for the toughest and most disciplined of minds. The others, such as the majority of our editorial team (the others are too proud to admit it) appreciate someone or something to incite us to action. Fitbit Alta, a futuristic-looking wristband, belongs to these. It tracks your activity, stationary time, calculates calories burned, gives you friendly reminders to exercise, tracks your workouts and sleep and gives you gentle vibrations to wake you up. All that without pushing a single button. For €119.95 at fitbit.com
Tesla in your hand
Let’s start off a bit light. It’s the movie scene as old as the industry itself. A woman pulls out a cigarette and right before it reaches her lips, a gentleman briskly lights up a lighter and asks if he could be of service. And now imagine that the gentleman pulls out a modern Tesla coil lighter and flashes off an electrical arch. A perfect device for James Bond, you and anyone else who would like to claim the title, as Czechs say, “the lion of the ballroom”. For $29.99 at teslacoillighters.com
Warm and cosy
All winter accessories advertise they will make you feel good and well-protected against the harsh winter winds. Some focus on mass marketing, some quality organic thread , nd some advanced technology. The upcoming trend of smart clothing favour the last mentioned. The Comfort Touch Scarf knits wool and conductive fibre together to provide you with a soft touch, warm feeling and a stylish design. Suitable for commuting to work, an adventurous hike or a snuggly evening at home. And heats up in just 20 seconds. Perfect for the fast-paced times we are living in. For $109 at indiegogo.com
Smart UFO
What could be smarter than UFO? Before any Kurt Vonnegut’s fan start arguing, this is a different type of UFO. The stylish smart mask treatment device from FOREO comes with a bold claim to reduce the application of a face mask to mere 90 seconds by emitting cold, heat, various types of LED light and sonic waves. The temperature changes relax and tighten your skin, which is then massaged by sonic waves. Definitely worth considering for all who struggle with sitting under a sheet mask for several minutes. For $279 at amazon.com
Flat light bulbs

Remember the tiles that lit up when Michael Jackson step on them in Billy Jean? Now you can have something similar at home. You can put the flat Nanoleaf LED panels on the wall in your bedroom, stick them on the ceiling in the kitchen or any flat surface you fancy. The more triangular panels you have, the more ways of piecing them together you can play with. And coming back to the legendary pop singer, you can set it up so that the LED panels react to music and change colour. A colourful symphony of the light brings a new dimension to listening to music. For $299.99 at nanoleaf.me
Heating on the go
These are not watches but Embr Wave, another thing you’ll appreciate for the winter season. This personal thermostat, which looks like a fancy bracelet, works with a warm or cold feeling by measuring the temperature of one point on your wrist. This point is then heated or cooled down accordingly. It does not change the temperature of your body but gives you a pleasant feeling instead. It creates a cosy warm sensation of sitting near a crackling fireplace in winter or being caressed by a morning breeze in the summer. Is it the right time to pull out the old motivational chestnut “Everything is just in your head.”? For $299 at embrlabs.com
From nicotine to vitamins
Like it or not, smoking classical cigars is getting a bit out-of-date. Some vape, some heat up the tobacco in their IQOS or glo and the old-schoolers quit and embark on a heroic journey with gazillion of sucking bonbons. All these switches from filling your lungs with tar to something relatively healthier received a new challenger. Sparq’s Vitamin Air trades nicotine for vitamins and botanicals and is the world’s first eco-friendly vitamin inhalation. Recyclable wood, biodegradable components, sleek design, lab-tested blends and anti-aging nutraceuticals are among the many of its perks. Turning a bad habit into a good one now looks easier than ever. For $39 at indiegogo.com
No more fights over TV
Almost everyone has experienced the problem of two people with different programme preferences but only one screen. You can either buy a second TV or keep up with what the latest technology offers. Designers and engineers from MirraViz came up with a screen, which you can watch two (or more!) videos from two different angles at the same time. Moreover, the UltraBright MultiView screen boasts up to 200 times more brightness than traditional projector screens. No glasses needed. Don’t like what you are watching? Move to the other end of your couch. For $1,299 at mirraviz.com
Plants afloat

Levitation has always fascinated mankind. Until the discovery of magnets, it was an uncharted territory ruled by illusionists and magicians. Now, the Maglev technology, which propels the world’s fastest passenger train, lifts up flowers to amaze you and your guests with some home decor magic. Swedish LYFE does not only do the lifting. It also rotates the silicon flower pot so that every part of your chosen plant gets the same amount of daylight. And studies have shown that the plants surrounded by a magnetic field tend to grow faster, taller, bigger, and healthier. In other words, a true wellness for your beloved flower. For €249 at www.flytestore.com
IoT for everybody
The Internet of Things has almost reached all parts of our lives. We have smart fridges, toothbrushes, blinds, and to the joy of everyone, who has seen the movie Demolition man, even toilets. Like them or not, it will become increasingly harder not to have non-smart house appliances in the near future. And how to better prepare your friends or children than give them a proper toolkit with which they will create their own IoT devices. With BigClown kits, they can make motion detectors, safety alarms, CO2 monitors and many more. To top it all, each kit comes with a clown nose. In the end, you have to balance all the smartness somehow. For €149 at bigclown.com

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