Ahoj! Ja jsem Zuzka, a jsem z Prahy, ale nebojte se, I speak English. Don’t be afraid! In fact, if you want to speak Czech with me to help you practice, I will just speak English to you anyway. I want to show you I am better at English than you are at Czech. And if you keep speaking Czech, I will say something very difficult in Czech to make you go back to English!
As I say, don’t worry, I’m not really scary, I am Oko Magazine’s resident Agónie Teta, or Agony Aunt, along with my good friend Susie. We know that Prague is a wonderful place, but we also know that it can have its complications for many different reasons and we are here to help you overcome these obstacles.
You can find details below for how to contact us and you will get the unique opportunity to get feedback from a Czech native, me (!), and a long-term expat, Susie, about the problems, troubles, and difficulties you face in Prague, and the Czech Republic. Yes, there is more than just Prague you know!
Hi, Susie here! I am from London but I have been living in Prague for almost eight years. It’s a great city to live in and I can’t imagine living anywhere else, but it hasn’t always been plain sailing. So if you have any problems or difficulties or need some advice about life here, Zuzka and I are here at Oko! Magazine to help you from both sides of the ‘trdelnik’ as they say in Czech.
Along with helping out directly with your problems, we will be giving out general advice on topics such as:
Chatas, what’s the real deal?
Why are Czechs always sick for one week?
You eat what for Christmas now?
42 letters in the language, really?
How to survive as an English teacher until you get private
And how to get the best out of Prague and maybe
even fall in love on less than 20,000kc a month.
(Zuzka says there’s no chance but I’m sure there must be!)
So get in touch with us at zuzka@okomagazine.cz, or in the comments.
The dear Zuzka column is curated by Comedy Prague.

Photo by Aris Sfakianakis