Apps to help you stay on track in the new year

Apps to help you stay on track in the new year

It’s that time of the year when people feel the need to change themselves for the better. After having gorged on all that goodies and consuming copious amounts of alcohol during the holiday season, you can feel your tummy pushing against the seams of your trousers. So it is only natural that you made a new year resolution to live more healthy by exercising more, eating healthy and drinking less. But the holidays are over and you are back to the grind. You know what happened last year to the same resolution. Here is how you can help yourself make this year’s resolution stick.

It’s those invisible habits that ruin your plans to stay healthy. Start with identifying them and clearly defining your goals and breaking it down to actions.

You want to live a more healthy lifestyle. But, what does that mean in terms of actions? Let’s define it.

Going to the gym at least three times a week, clearly defining the number of calories you want to consume each day, and the number of alcoholic drinks for each week. Now that your goals are defined, it is easier to track and follow them. Let’s also get some help involved. We are talking about your significant other, your secret keeper, your constant companion- yes, your smartphone. There are a number of apps that can help you achieve your lifestyle goals. I’vedone quite a bit of research and come up with a few that I think can work best for you.

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Forming habits require discipline and take time. However, once you form them, it becomes easier to stick with them. Habitbull helps you track the healthy behaviors you want to adopt with in-app incentives to not break them. Sleep for eight hours each day? Want to get some push-ups done throughout the day? Take the stairs instead of the lift? Keep the number of drinks you have in a week under 5? Let Habitbull know and it will tell you how much of your goals you are achieving and if you falter, it will remind you to get back on track.

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Let’s face it- counting calories is not fun, However, MyFitnessPal makes it easier for you. It lets you scan the barcode from most of the packaged food you buy off the shelves and lets you input the portion size, the app then gives you the nutritional value of the food and adds it to your daily consumption. With restaurant meals and home cooked meals, you would need to enter the ingredients and how much of it goes in and you have it all tracked. The app is also compatiblewith plenty of other apps and wearable fitness trackers to count the calories you burn as well. Now you know when you are off the track, and no cheating, please!

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For most people, there is nothing harder than getting themselves to the gym. Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout gives you exercises that you can do anywhere. The app provides a full-body workout that includes aerobic as well as strength training exercises, and it reminds you to get up and get fit. Couple that with your fitness goals through Habitableand you are on the road to forming a regular workout plan. There is simply no excuse for not finding that 7 minutes!

Don’t worry if you break your habits for a day or two. There is no shame in that, and breaking a habit once does not mean you have to give up on it. Just get back on track. In the long run, your body is not going to notice that you went to the gym on Wednesday instead of Tuesday or that you consumed 400 more calories than your daily goal because of a family luncheon. Just get back on track after and try to stay in there. Before you know it, you will be that better fitter version of yourself that you always wanted to be.