January 24, 2021

New Zealand for a day!

New Zealand for a day!

The all-day festival “Experience New Zealand will take place on February 16, 2019 in cinema Dlabačov, whose goal is to get visitors familiar with New Zealand nature, Maori culture and travelling options.
What can you expect?
You can expect to see lectures about travelling options, tourist tips and exciting tales of adventure. You’ll also find out more about the Working Holiday program, which allows people over 35 to stay and work in the country for a whole year. You be make sure there will be talk about Maori culture, and lectures on making aboriginal amulets  and the quirks of New Zealand English.
“We love New Zealand and our goal is to introduce it to the visitors of our festival in its’ full beauty, so we prepared this event for the public.” Says Tomáš Šapovalov, creator of the website VisitKiwi.cz and visionary of the festival’s idea.

Film program and expositions
The program will close a viewing and competition of traveler’s films and a closing with the viewing of full-length feature film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” by the legendary New Zealand director Taika Waititi. You can also expect to see an exposition of pictures, try the Kocour HAKA beer brewed with New Zealand hops or learn how to save space in your luggage in the luggage packing workshop!

Insipration, education and fun- it’s the first year of the exclusive new festival for travellers!
So don’t hesitate and experience New Zealand! You can find tickets at: www.dlabacov.cz,  or at the cinema. For more information visit: www.visitkiwi.cz/festival

Note: All speeches and official talks during this event will be held in Czech.


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