Flu Season 2019,Tips and Tricks

Flu Season Tips and Tricks

If you’re stuck in bed watching Netflix because of a bad case of the flu, then you should definitely read the following article.
Running nose, headache, sneezing, slightly high temperatures and, worst of all, an aggressive cough is currently spoiling the life of over 160 thousand people in the country.
I’ve read that the best advice not to get infected is to stay away from others with the flu”. While effective, I’d say it’s impractical. If like for many It’s already too late let me help you find some remedies and tricks to make life with the flue a tad bit more comfortable.
First of all, get yourself a doctor’s note, stay indoors while hopefully within the next few days spring kicks in and the outside temperatures improve. Soon you can take your bike out again and chill along the riverside…

Secondarily get yourself some soup. While warm chicken soup is famous for its decongestive capabilities any warm bowl of soup with a touch of chili will help you clear out whatever is stuck up there. Try, not to move, profit for partners and friends if you can, the less you move the faster you’ll heal!
Some local remedies to help with flu symptoms although not to everyone’s taste, locals swear by them.
Onion cough syrup contains a chemical compound called quercetin that has antihistaminic properties to make this syrup you need to peel and cut an onion in slices. In a jar layer onion slices and sugar until full, cover with a lid and let it sit for a night. Take up to three spoons a day of the produced liquid until you feel better.
Česnečka is a typical Czech garlic soup. It is made of broth, garlic, sliced potatoes and spices such as cumin or marjoram. Garlic is a significant ingredient in the Czech cuisine and has been praised for its healing powers for generations. After eating this be aware of a pretty strong garlic breath!

Photo By Vicentka

Vincentka is mineral water bottled in the spa region of Luhačovice. It contains a large amount of sodium that helps to dissolve mucus when sipped or placed in the nasal cavities. Do drink Vincentka with moderation, as excessive amounts of sodium are known to cause high blood pressure.
And of course, we can’t forget about Beer! A recent study showed that humulone, a chemical compound in beer, can keep the flu virus at bay. According to the research, however, you should drink about 12 cans of beer to receive any healing benefits. Nothing like a good night out to keep the flu away, or maybe a movie marathon in bed for those already infected!

Note: The tips and tricks in the article above are nonmedical remedies to help with feeling more comfortable if infected by the flu, in case of infection please do not depend on these tips only and seek medical advice from your GP.