Artist Spotlight, Anna Venezia

Artist Spotlight, Anna Venezia

Anna Venezia is a photographer from New Hampshire, USA, currently living in Prague. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in New York.  Anna has exhibited and curated work locally and internationally.  She is known for her singular portraits as well as couples, families, nature and events.  You can see these and much more at and on her Instagram


“A spontaneous shot of my friend Samaré.
We’d been talking in my kitchen when the golden hour hit.”


“A shot from a vacation portrait session in Prague.
It was this couple’s first trip abroad together.”


“From the series California Fiction.
This particular image is an homage to a John Baldessari photo I’ve always loved.”


“Matúš, an artist friend, corrects his collar
in the hallways of the Rudolfinum.”


“The morning of a wedding in America. Jet-lagged.
I woke up at sunrise and snapped this shot
of the wedding site before the festivities began.”