January 25, 2021

Artist Spotlight, Danny Worm

Artist Spotlight, Danny Worm

Danny Worm is a photographer and fashion designer currently living in Prague.  He originally moved to Prague for University but fell in love with the city.  He began his studies at an art school in Prague focusing on Photography and Media and found through one of his photography projects a deep love for fashion.  He mentions growing to love fashion, style, minimalism but at the same time opulence.  As his projects grew, he developed a collection and a brand working with models, designing, sewing, taking photos, directing videos, editing and more.  By his final year of schooling, he had created a campaign.
Danny says that living in Prague has taught him to be proud of himself but most importantly to be himself.  He said Prague has taught him not to be scared or negative. He had goals and dreams and knew it wouldn’t be possible to live in the village life. Danny’s support system comes from his family, his boyfriend, his friends and all of his fans and followers. “But the biggest one is my best friend Marge. She was here from the start and every time I need her, she’s here with a helping hand, supporting thoughts and anything I could ask for.
Danny says Prague within the last few years has captured his heart.  “Im in love with Prague. It is the only place I can imagine my life and my future. If I couldn’t live in Prague, then I would move abroad.” In his free time, he likes to spend time with his boyfriend and friends. He enjoys picnics in the park, walking his dog and going to the theatre. But he spends most of his time working on his collections in his atelier.  On the weekends, he likes to occasionally escape from Prague if he doesn’t have a show. “Like me and you and everyone else, the city has changed with progress and a city has its own life.”
Danny’s favorite places are Petrin hill, where he likes to relax and the theatre Venuše ve Švehlovce, where he made costumes for the art group Depresivní děti touží po penězích (depression kids desire for money). Danny’s dream is to one day display his fashion and photography at the Mercedes Benz fashion week.
“I want people to know my feelings, emotions, demons, fears, loves and inspirations. There are many contrasts. It’s minimal, its opulence, it’s smooth, its chaotic, its black, it’s white, its beauty, its disgusting and its regular, but also controversial. My art  reflects my personality and who I am.” ~Danny Worm





Find more of Danny’s work on his website www.dannyworm.cz

Facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/dannywormphoto

Instagram: https:www.instagram.com/dannyworm

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