Dear Zuzka Edition 2

Dear Zuska

Dear Zuzka


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I have feelings for a colleague of mine at work. She is an absolutely amazing woman both from the inside as the outside. She is Czech and I am from the Netherlands. Problem is the Dutch are very direct but when it comes to matters of the heart we can be quite clumsy. She smiles at me a lot but when I ask her out for dinner or a movie she turn me down. I have asked her like 8 times already. Is it a cultural thing or am I just doing it wrong? Please can you advise? Lonely Dutchman in Prague.

Dear Lonely DutchmanYou seem like you have good intentions and I like that. But maybe she doesn’t like you. And you are trying to hard. Though that she is Czech woman and she smiles at you suggests she might be interested, or not if she is from Prague. There are plenty more fish in the rybnik so I think you should forget about this one and try catch others and maybe it will make her want you more. And also, while trying to pass driving test 8 times might show strong will and spirit, you might now be officially stalking this woman with all your advances. Maybe you should find new job and not harass your colleagues. Love, Zuzka.

Dear Zuzka,I am from London and married to a beautiful wife from Pardubice and together we have two amazing children. Recently I have noticed that romance has sort of diminished the last few months. When I asked her about it she said she was trying to get over the fact that in the last year I have drastically been losing my hair. She still loves me but doesn’t know how to get past the baldness. What can I do? London guy, Pardubice

Dear London guy,This is a difficult problem. Your wife is from Pardubice which is not Prague so she probably finds men with mullet haircut attractive like most Czech women not from Prague. Mullet haircuts are not like in other countries. Here they are a sign of strong man who has own business, can drink plenty of beer and still does what he is told by his wife. I know sometimes, my boyfriend and I play mullet-fantasy and it is lots of fun! I suggest you contact maker of wigs and get special mullet wig made to increase romance in your marriage. You should also wear white socks and sandals to make experience more complete for her. Love, Zuzka

My boyfriend took me out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s day. First, I started getting really annoyed as he was checking his phone every couple of minutes. Anger then turned into suspicion I mean what or who could be so much more interesting than me. When all of a sudden, he got up and said he had to pop out to chase a Pokémon. He is 39 years old, like really? How can I compete with Pokémon? Kamila, Podebrady

Dear Kamila,I do not know where your boyfriend is from but Slavia Praha played in Europa league on Valentine’s evening. Maybe your boyfriend was really checking score of game or sneaking to different pub to watch it. If he actually is chasing Pokémon, then you can do better with literally any other man. Even a man from Morava. Or maybe you can introduce your boyfriend to other, more manly, mobile games like Fortnite or even Farming Simulator. Fashion Doll and Nail Makeover can also be entertaining and there is no need for your boyfriend to run out of the restaurant when you’re on a date. Love, Zuzka.

Dear Zuzka,My wife who I have been married to for three years has given me an ultimatum to stop watching Netflix and make more of an effort to find a job. She thinks I am not searching for a job which I am it just happens that every time she walks into the room I am watching Netflix. I love my wife and want to make her happy but surely, I deserve some downtime. Bored in Prague

Dear Bored in Prague,You deserve downtime after you have uptime and that doesn’t not mean uploading TV shows from Netflix servers. Get a job and then you get downtime. And take her out for a nice dinner, she deserves it after all your nonsense. Love, Zuzka.