King's Day in the Czech Republic

King’s Day in the Czech Republic

King’s Day, also known as “Koningsdag,” is a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrated on April 27th which represents the birth of the first king of Holland in 123 years, King Willem Alexander. The holiday is recognized for the country’s “free market” where the Dutch people sell their used belongings and rep their national color, orange.  It is the one day of the year where the Dutch government allows their people to sell on the streets without a permit or tax payment.
The holiday is celebrated throughout the entire country however many like to celebrate it in Amsterdam.  This day is a chance for the monarchy to honor the citizens of the Netherlands and unite as one nation.  Each year the royal family travels to a certain region of the country and participates in Dutch games, traditions and greetings of the native people.  This year, the royal family will be visiting Amersfoort, Netherlands.
This day closely resembles the holidays of St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween however the difference is the prominent orange color. The day is a chance for the Dutch people to celebrate and party till the sun comes up, all day and until the sun goes down again.  The Dutch take pride in this day and look forward to it during the whole year. Their advice to visitors for the holiday would be to show up, be open and excited, drink beer and wear a lot of orange!

Each year Holland in Prague organizes the King’s Day Party at the Mosaic House/La Loca on April 27th from 7pm to 3am.  Visitors can have a chance to sing and dance to Dutch national and international hits played by DJ Sacco and Willem. Tickets are on sale now for 200 CZK and 300 CZK at the door.
Visitors will be given a “welcome drink,” entertainment directly from Holland, Dutch snacks and photos.  Photos from the previous years are on the Oko! website.  There will also be a prize for the best dressed King and Queen.  This is locals and visitor’s chance to experience a new holiday, meet new people, meet Dutch people and party all night.  So if you happen to miss St. Patrick’s Day, you have another shot…just this time it’s orange!  Visit here for more information.