Prague Zero Waste

Prague Zero Waste

With climate change finally being addressed as an international problem, we hear about big changes every day, yet in real life we don’t see nearly as much of it happening. In efforts to tackle environmental issues and encourage more eco-friendly lifestyles, we now have to do things like pay for plastic shopping bags (which are rapidly being replaced by paper alternatives), yet single-use plastics are still widely bought, sold and given away. Most of our food packagings are still non-recyclable and all this while our waste disposal sites are growing at an alarming rate. Even outer space is becoming polluted to the point where it becomes a concern!

One of the main issues of waste today is that big cooperations have put the responsibility of waste disposal in the hands of the consumer, subsequently wiping their hands clean of any wrongdoing. The consequences of using single-use utensils, packagings, and other products have proved to be dire for the environment, but as long as there is no collective consciousness on recycling, waste reduction and sustainable packaging, the responsibility currently placed on the general public alone will remain too great to bare.

Not so long ago, we were told that global warming was a problem we had 50 to 100 years to solve, but new research suggests that this estimate was optimistic. Scientists now warn that the damage caused to our ever-deteriorating planet may become beyond the state of recovery in the next 10-15 years and have even more long lasting effects than it already has.
The eminence of the threat has sparked many initiatives all over the world and the Czech Republic has also become involved in the no waste movement with more and more of its packaging becoming 100% recyclable. Even movements of no single-use packagings have opened up all over Prague, including: Bez Obalu, Nebaleno, Vom Fass, Country Life. Locals selling goods at farmer’s markets have also shown support, no longer offering bags and instead expecting customers to bring their own reusable containers.

On a more personal level, people are also working on ways to live a zero waste lifestyle. For example HELČIN MÍŠIN JANIN , operate the “Czech Zero Waste Blog” where they explore their daily lives with a zero waste goal. Not all days are equally successful, but they offer great ways to make your every day life more sustainable.
Another example is freshly graduated Prague College Graphic design Bachelor Juliana J. Shneider, who made sustainable packaging her thesis by exploring the future possibilities of biologically growing bacterial cellulose from regional organic food waste and surplus goods to create a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to the current single-use plastic packaging.

It is common knowledge by now that the battle against climate change is far from being won. The only way to get there is through a monumental collective effort, which involves every single citizen cooperating in the quest to save and protect the future of the beautiful planet we all inhabit! So what are you waiting for? Start your zero waste life now!

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