Design for Everyone
A Student Initiative with Momentum


photo by Design Disco


Oko! recently had the chance to send some questions to Kasimir Suter Winter, program director at Design Disco.

Design Disco is a project started by students at the Architectural Institute in Prague. They noticed that pupils in primary and secondary education were not usually introduced to the fields of design and architecture. What began as workshops in schools around the city has grown into a fully-fledged NGO with over thirty active members.

When asked what Design Disco means to him, Kasimir mentioned there was a lot more to it then work. “All members work or study besides their volunteer positions at Design Disco, and over the years working together, the team has started to consider itself a family.”

Kasimir said he felt “humbled by the interest and support they receive from other professionals and institutions, and the huge amount of personal time all the members invest to make Design Disco possible.”

We were intrigued to know what Design Disco has in store for the near future, and are we in for a treat! On top of their current regular activities ( creative workshops, exhibitions, and discussions), Design Disco is launching their Summer Camp for teenagers this year, where students will be exposed to design through architectural projects.

Design Disco thrives on an open, collaborative approach, and there are many ways you can support the movement.

Check out their website at to find out more. If you want to work with them, head over to the volunteer section of the website and apply. They are always looking for people of all nationalities and qualification levels to bring something new to the table.

Kasimir had a message to share with our readers, and indeed all creative minds, which we fully support: “For all those feeling creative, but who worry about the quality of their art and designs, it is very important that it’s more about the process than the final product and that anyone, in any discipline, can use this process to improve and innovate in their field. Therefore, Design Disco is for everyone, not just those interested in design.”


If you are passionate about what they do, here are some other ways you can get involved:

– Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
– Share your story and insights as a guest speaker.
  Make a donation of any amount – as a nonprofit, all donations help
  them advance their mission to spread design through education
– Become a sponsor or partner, or recommend them to one.
– Talk about them with your friends and colleagues.
– Be a part of the design discovery movement.