What to do at Signal Festival 2019

Signal Fest Prague
Signal Fest Prague
Photo by Shadster on Wikimedia Commons

What to do at Signal Festival 2019


This weekend, the 7th annual Signal Festival will be held throughout Prague. This year’s theme focuses on the Velvet Revolution to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of Communism but also to hint at the technological revolution of the future.

The festival will transform the streets Mala Strana, Old Town, and Karlin with 3D videomapping, audiovisuals, and projections combined with art installations. The Gallery Zone exhibition combines the historic buildings of Prague with technological innovation and artistic expression. These exhibitions will make participants question their purpose in the world and ask if they are willing to fight for a better tomorrow.

A meteorite has hit the earth in architect Eva Jiricna’s “And What If It’s True” installation in the Gallery Zone (Vojanovy Sady, U Lužického semináře, Malá Strana.) Jiricna took from her typical glass and metal structures to create a bold masterpiece that creates a story with light. This exhibition sends a moral message to change bad behavior and establish order.

Signal Festival at Nam. Miru
Photo by Martin2035 on Wikimedia Commons

Memo Akten, an artist, scientist, and mathematician from Istanbul, will make his debut at the Czech Museum of Music (Karmelitská 388/2, Malá Strana.) Akten’s installation combines harmonic music with lights to create a spectacular show of science and spirituality.

Another exciting aspect of the festival is its efforts to restore greenery in the Czech Republic. The producers have joined with experts from the ecological project Sazime Stormy to plant trees in the village of Unetice. Patrons can purchase a natural tree bark brooch at the festival to support their cause.

Where to go

The opening ceremony will start at 19:00 on Thursday, October 10th. The festival’s largest installation yet will be introduced by the festival director Martin Posta and the Mayor of Prague Zdenek Hrib (Bedrich Smetana Museum, Novotného lávka 201/1, Staré Město.) The festival will be open to the public until midnight on Sunday.

  1. Intensive Reflections on Modernity at Bedrich Smetana Museum
  2. R.Evolution at Tyrs House
  3. Trabi at Petrin Gardens
  4. Simple Light Motion at the Czech Museum of Music
  5. 10^100 at Nostitz Garden
  6. Simbio at Artiseme Garden
  7. And What if It Was True at Vojan Gardens
  8. Multiverse.pan at Mirror Chapel of Clementinum
  9. Signal Soundscape: Inner Land Study I at Salvator Church
  10. Reflection at the National Gallery Prague
  11. The Wall at Park Lannova
  12. Ghost in the Machine at the Ministry of Transport
  13. a.r.r.c at Kooperativa Gallery
  14. Spaces and Possibilities at the Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius
  15. God’s Mill at Karlin Chimneys
  16. Ottantanove at Lyckovo Square
  17. Jacob’s Wall at Kaizel Gardens
  18. I’m Leaving the Body at Invalidovna