January 24, 2021

The Green Life Project

The Green Life Project

Indonesian rainforests are some of the most biodiverse and ecologically important habitats on earth. Rich in stunning vistas and beautiful nature, the nation’s green spaces including those in Sumatra are home to thousands of species such as tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, and orangutans.

Today, the Sumatran forests and the iconic wildlife that inhabits them are under serious threat at the hands of humans. Factors such as deforestation, pollution, and poaching are all contributing to the demise of some of our planet’s most essential ecosystems. However, there is still time to stop the destruction and reverse the damage caused to these natural wonders.

Contact, join, and donate to Prales Dětem/The Green Life Project and together let’s help save, protect and restore one of Earth’s most precious rainforests. For more information, please visit our website at www.greenlifeproject.org.


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