Las Adelitas celebrating 10 Years in Prague

This year Las Adelitas, the home of Mexican cuisine in Prague, will celebrate their tenth anniversary, having opened their first restaurant on the cosmopolitan Americká Street in October 2009. Since then, they have continued to expand across the city, establishing a further three restaurants, with their latest venture located on Petrská, in the bustling area near Florenc.

Speaking with two of the partners from Las Adelitas, David Zamorano and Fernando Larios, one thing is quite clear from the beginning, and that is their passion – not just for the restaurant, but for Mexican cuisine, culture, and history. Even the name of the eateries originates from the brave women of the Mexican Revolution, who were affectionately known as “Adelitas”.

The brainchild of Rodrigo Flores and Patricio Ibargüengoitia, Las Adelitas came from humble beginnings. The Las Adelitas that is known and loved today was born from Las Adelitas Delivery – just two guys, cooking and delivering good, honest Mexican food from their own kitchen to family, friends, and neighbours in the city of Prague.

While many imitations had come before, it was the simple nature and authenticity of Las Adelitas’s home-cooked food that allowed their delivery service to grow over the following 18 months.

In 2009, thanks to the ever-growing demand for their services, Rodrigo and Patricio teamed up with Fernando and David to open the first-ever Las Adelitas restaurant on Americká street.

An achievement that came from pouring their own blood, sweat, and tears; Las Adelitas on Americká was practically built from scratch, with the four partners themselves taking care of the painting, interior design, aesthetics, and the construction of the bar itself. Even the dining tables were handmade, with the same design replicated and implemented in all of the Las Adelitas restaurants dotted around Prague today.

Since Las Adelitas first opened its doors to the public in 2009, it has gone on to open a further three locations across the capital, with restaurants on Lucemburská in Vinohrady, on Malé náměstí in the city centre, and the latest location at Florenc, with the restaurant opening less than 12 months ago, tucked away on Petrská Street. The group is also responsible for La Taquería at Náměstí Míru, which serves authentic, classic Mexican tacos.

The Petrská location is where we sat down with Fernando and David to talk about the life and history of the restaurant and how in just ten short years, Las Adelitas has gone from serving close friends and family to becoming the beating heart of the Mexican community in Prague.

Las Adelitas’s latest opening on Petrská is inviting. The cobblestone streets outside flow through to the inside, where you are greeted by endless shelves of tequila and other curious cocktails behind the bar. The dining area is intimate with a rustic ambiance, in keeping with the strong sense of family that has laid the foundation for the restaurant’s success.

The outdoor garden area is tucked away at the back of the premises. Secluded and discreet, it’s perfect for afternoon cocktails with friends and family. The surroundings also provide sanctuary from the scorching heat that envelops Prague.
The prices are very modest when considering the level of food quality and service. An evening for two, including drinks and two courses, will amount to around 1,000 Kč. Items on the menu recommended by the owners themselves include the Tacos De Cochinita with braised pulled pork leg, the Sopa Azteca, and Mango Chilli Tequila on the rocks.

All branches of the restaurant also offer daily lunch menus, so for those on a budget, be sure to head to your local Las Adelitas for your daily midday meal. Entrées start from 135Kč.

The people behind Las Adelitas go beyond the confines of their walls and are responsible for various major events showcasing native Mexican culture and experiences to the local community.

Locals will get the chance to experience all things Mexican on 14 September at the annual La Calle Mexicana on Americká, with local food stalls, antiquities, music, and even stand-up comedians scheduled to be part of the street festival this year.

At the end of 2019 we can also expect to see Las Adelitas celebrate Día de los Muertos, otherwise known as the Day of the Dead. In 2018, this deathly celebration saw festivities kick off at the local Las Adelitas for an evening of cocktails and music before a procession was led through the streets of Prague in full outfit, marching to the sounds of the mariachi.
Las Adelitas is proud of their Hispanic heritage and waves the Mexican flag proudly through all of their ventures, including this year’s tenth-anniversary celebration.

Speaking to Fernando and David, it becomes clear that Las Adelitas was built on the back of passion for what they do, determination, and the simple will to succeed. The staff throughout the organisation strive for quality, setting industry standards in both food and service. David and Fernando were quick to speak of their admiration for their staff across all branches of the restaurant, and stated that they have plans to give back to their loyal team in the near future as thanks for the hard work and dedication that has led to the organisation’s success.

When asked about the future, Fernando and David seemed coy and emphasised that their immediate focus is on ensuring that all the existing locations in Prague continue to provide quality Mexican food, which to date has been the key to their success.

Whatever the future holds for Las Adelitas, it’s sure to be fuelled by homemade tacos and top-shelf tequila!

Article By Ethan Paki – Photos By Lada Nayevo