Five Cosy Prague Cafes you Should Know About

Even though the authentic Prague cafe society does no longer exists the way it used to, with only a hand full of establishments remaining and reminding us of the social epicenters they once represented.

Some argue a new style of cafe society, represented by frappes, iced coffee, and trendy bistros has become the social and cultural focus of the 21st century.

Recently it almost seems like every week a new bistro or cafe opens, some good, some obvious tourist traps we all have our favorites, and so do we here at Oko!, so much so that it can sometimes feel like we never leave our neighborhoods yet it is when we venture outside of our comfort zones that we tend to stumble upon real gems.

In that spirit, we would like to present you with 5 of our favorite coffee shops in Prague that are defenitly worth the extra 5 minutes of public transport.


Cafe Susu

Cafe SUSU is a rather small and very cute Korean coffee shop seating 5-7 small table, with good coffee, tea and tasty homemade lemonade they have something to drink for everyone.

When visiting SUSU you won’t find your classic medovnik and strudle instead a variety of amazing Korean treats are available and will give any adventurous eater a real good time.

Address: Školská 14, Praha 1, 110 00


Votre Plaisir

New on the Prague scene, Votre Plaisir is a tiny coffee shop/patisserie located in the center of Prague 1. Where you can buy and taste some of the best high-end French pastries available in the city.

Made in limited quantity daily their pastries don’t just taste amazing but also look like small pieces of art and go very well with a good cup of coffee which they will also be happy to serve you.

Address: Klimentská 1246/1, 110 00 Nové Město


Kavarna Slagr


Kavarna Slagr has been around for quite some time and finds it’s roots in the past, in the oldest building on the Fracouska street in the district of Prague 10, this cafe is a real jump back in time.

Beautifully decorated in a style from the 1900s their recipes are inspired by grandma’s cookbooks and their cakes freshly hand baked daily if you fall in love with one of their amazing slices you can order yourself a whole cake to take home and share (or not) with friends and family.

Address: Francouzská 72 Praha 10 101 00


Cafe tout va bien

Cafe tout va bien is another of the better hidden gems in the city, tucked away in the edge of the flora residential neighborhood this cozy cafe is decorated with vintage furniture.

On a rainy day, it is the perfect corner to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or a wark cup of tea, accompanied by one of their delicately prepared pastries.

Address: 130 00 Praha Slezská 482/125, 130 00 Praha


Cafe Letka

Only a block or so away from Letna park, cafe Letka is a small and welcoming cafe serving a kick-ass avocado toast.

Sitting in the location of a former Austro-Hungarian cafe that, a long time ago had been abandoned, this place finally is back to what it was mean to be.

Cafe Letka serves a good cup of coffee and has a wide variety of homemade cakes, lemonades, and fresh breakfast options.

Once stuffed the only thing left to do to make it a perfect day is to go for a nice long walk through Letna and enjoy the views of the city.

Address: Letohradská 44, Praha 7