Green Blue Jeans For You Aleksandr

Aleksandr was born in Russia, grew up in Ukraine, and at the age of 24 moved to Prague.

Apart from his passion for motorbikes, he is a 3rd generation professional tailor. One day he was asked to make a pair of jeans, but he didn’t like the low quality of the provided fabric. Always having quality in mind, he started researching and studying high quality fabrics. The best jeans fabrics are produced in Japan, whilst the best cotton comes from Zimbabwe. The high-quality cotton used in an authentic technique and treatment process guarantees the best quality. That convinced Aleksandr to focus on tailoring jeans that will last longer and are also better for the environment.

Today he produces his own collection of sustainable jeans and makes them according to client’s measurements and requirements in his workshop in Prague’s Vršovice. There you can learn more about his jeans and even see his motorbike, custom made of course.

This article is a collaboration with Mike form Colours of Prague, for more interesting portraits follow their page.