Czech Republic to celebrate 100th anniversary of its flag

Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech flag will celebrate 100 years of existence on March 30, the Czech News Agency (CTK) reported.

According to vexillologist Ales Brozek, who has been studying the origins of the Czech flag for over 50 years, next month will mark exactly 100 years since the Czech Republic’s flag was created in 1920. Although the newly-independent Czechoslovakia initially adopted a more standard two-striped horizontal white and red flag in 1918, the state soon came up with a new design – including due to its strong similarity with Poland’s own flag created around the same time.

That’s how a blue triangle was added at the helm and the flag that we now know, collectively designed by Jaroslav Kursa, Antonin Valsik and Frantisek Kysela, became the state symbol of Czechoslovakia in 1920.

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