Magdalena The Enamel Alchemist Of Prague

Magdalena is a Prague native. Her mother is an artist and after studying Ethnology and becoming a goldsmith, she learned the craft of enamel work from her.

The craft of enamel work is more than 3000 years old, and the oldest discoveries are from Cyprus. Today, not many people are masters of the art anymore. With more than 30 years of experience, authoring many books on this topic, she is the expert to go to. In her shop and studio at Pohořelec 26, she shares her knowledge with students. Every lesson is individual just like the pieces of art that will be created. Due to the complexity of the chemical process, the different enamel powders, and the baking temperatures of up to 840C, every piece is unique. A 6 hours course is recommended to try some different types of enamel work, and to go home with about 4 personal pieces of art. No special skills are required as Magda explains it in all detail and helps with every step. Her designs typically go into bijouterie, silk scarfs, paintings etc.

You will enjoy a rich and colourful range of beautiful art that can be worn. Visit her for this reason or even join her for a workshop. It will be a unique experience for sure.



This article is a collaboration with Mike form Colours of Prague, for more interesting portraits follow their page.