April at the Divadlo Viola

The plays discussed in this article are in Czech and a good understanding of the language is recommended.

With this week’s government announcement banning all events with an attendance of 100 or more, the Divadlo Viola is one of the few fortunate locations in the city with a capacity of less than 100. 

Michelangelo ( April 2nd – April 18th )

The premiere of plays concerning Michelangelo, Marie Tomášová’s retrospectives, cosmic songs and stories from the Old Testament will start from April 2nd. Even though premiere tickets have already sold out, tickets for the second show on April 18th are still available.

Michelangelo offers viewers the powerful story of the genius and his work, a glimpse into Michelangelo’s soul and a welcome opportunity to enjoy the acting of Tomáš Pavelka, Otakar Brousek jr. and Kateřina Lojdová. 

“The play takes place in 1512 before the unveiling of the Sistine Chapel when Michelangelo was 37 years old. As Michelangelo works on the Sistine day and night, totally exhausted, he ceases to see and falls from the scaffolding and loses track of time and delves into a state of self reflection.” said Tomáš Vondrovic, author and director of the production, which was based on Irving Stone’s novel Agony and Ecstasy.


Rozmarné Léto / Summer of Caprice ( April 7th )

With the arrival of Spring comes the opportunity to refreshen yourself with the characteristic atmosphere of the fictional Krokovy Vary now more then ever with the adaptation of Vladislav Vančura’s comedy Rozmarné léto (The Summer of Caprice) playing on April 7th from 20:00. The comedy discusses love, jealousy, late romances, early disillusionment, friendship and, above all, how beautiful it is to be frizzy.

Leading the performance are:

  • Zdeněk Maryška
  • Vladislav Beneš
  • Václav Helšus
  • Zuzana Slavíková


Marie Tomášová ( April 9th )

On April 9th, starting at 20:00 you will have the rare opportunity to meet Marie Tomášová, the legendary actress who holds the Thalia award for lifetime drama. Her characters are known to be the highlights of modern Czech acting. In cooperation with her husband, director Otomar Krejča, Marie will return to the Divadlo Viola after a year to commemorate not only her favorite prose and authors but also her years of work at the National theater and the Divadlo za Branou. 

Tickets are available at the box office of the Divadlo Viola (Národní 7, Prague 1) or online HERE.
More information and the full schedule are available at www.divadloviola.cz