Aloha, did you get poked already? Sergio & Carlos

Carlos and Sergio met in Prague. Whilst Carlos followed his family roots 13 years ago, his grandfather is from Pardubice, Sergio came her in 2012 as an exchange student, who fell in love the city and people.



Both are two entrepreneurs with passion for good food and this is how they met. Sergio is always on the outlook for new business ideas that he can develop. The coincident had it that Carlos´s wife and Sergio`s sister independently discovered a new food trend that came from Hawaii originally and which became very trendy in Mexico and the USA – Poke. Poke means to dice something and is a typical Hawaii meal influenced by Asian kitchen. Basically, it is a bowl of rice topped with a variation of veggies, exotic spices, fish or chicken. It also comes as a vegetarian version of course. Now, there are four locations in Prague already, where you can get try Poke and some other delicacies.



The two friends also share the love for Prague, the laid-back spirit of the town yet dynamic and modern. The central location is another factor and as Carlos says, it is not even in the heart of Europe but the world. Go and try your first Poke. Taste Hawaii and perhaps you even meet the two in person.



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This article is a collaboration with Mike form Colours of Prague, for more interesting portraits follow their page.