Quarantine Workouts With Václav Kuneš

As quarantine has become common practice in the fight against the corona virus in many countries, and millions are now encouraged to stay home, keeping away from the fridge and remaining active has become a struggle for many of us.

To help those stuck at home Václav Kuneš, the choreographer, dancer, and leader of the contemporary dance group 420people is offering daily, 30 minutes, free online workouts he streams on Facebook.

Starting at 10:30 AM in Czech and at 5 PM in English, Václav’s workouts are suitable for young and old and are a great way to improve your mood whilst stuck indoors.

❌ LIVE online ❌Join us online, because movement and dance can help us to stay positive and recharge our energy! Choreographer Václav Kuneš will be online LIVE with two short workshops every day. 10:30 in czech and 17:00 in english. Lets move around a bit. Ready? LIVE on our facebook 420PEOPLE and on instagram.com/vaclav_kunes

Publiée par Vaclav Kunes sur Jeudi 19 mars 2020

You can re-watch previous workouts on Václav Kuneš’s Facebook HERE or tune in daily for a live workout session!