Smiling Crocodile Charity Stream

All children want to smile, even if they can’t say so out loud.

Zdeněk Strnad is turning 50 this week, and he’s asked his friends, family, and anyone else who’s interested for an unusual gift. Instead of the traditional presents of whisky or beer, Zdeněk has asked his loved ones to donate to a cause close to his heart. Smiling Crocodile is a Czech-based charity that provides schooling, housing and medical care for children with complex disabilities. The children that Smiling Crocodile cares for are often chronically unwell – the school acts as a hospice for many of them. As Zdeněk puts it on his Facebook page, these kids need presents more than he does, and he urges everyone who can to donate some money. Every crown, he says, helps.

The darujme page (think Czech justgiving) has already raised 13,500 CZK for Smiling Crocodile. Donors aren’t just rewarded with the feeling of having helped some of the Czech Republic’s neediest kids: Zdeněk has also decided to host a birthday party to raise awareness for the great work that Smiling Crocodile does.

At 20:30 tonight, Zdeněk’s Facebook feed will be the venue of a special concert. Of course, the gig will be hosted online, since the Czech Republic is still in lockdown. Nonetheless, the livestream of the concert promises to be something really special: the lineup includes Milan Peroutka, Leona Machálková, Pokáč, Esther Lubadika, and Josefína Čermáková.These artists have all agreed to perform for free.

Take a break from isolation tonight, donate what you can, and enjoy the live music. Your money might have changed a disabled child’s life.

Donations can be made here:

And follow the stream HERE