5 Video Games With Large Open Worlds for You to Explore

With both parents and children at home, things can start to feel a little cramped these days, video games could offer both a great possibility to escape the confines of your homes without ever really leaving.

Oko! has made a list with five great open-world games allowing you to explore a new environment all from within the comfort of your room.


1) Minecraft

This game is an endless opportunity for the creative mind, a near-limitless self-generating world with plenty of surprises, on top of the adventure of exploration you also have to opportunity to gather all resources and build anything your imagination can come up with even electrical system are not out of the realm of the possible.


2) Skyrim

For those who aspire to more Heroic adventures, Skyrim offers the possibility to become the savior of the world, exploring villages, mountains, and cultures all whilst fighting dragons and if it is your way causing some mischief on the way.


3) Witcher

For the more lone wolf sort of Heroes The Witcher 3 is the perfect opportunity to act behind the scenes, fight wild beasts and specters, saving a damsel in distress and earning a coin on the way all while enjoying a wonderful open-world landscape filled with wildlife and adventure.


4) The sims 4

Not as open as the previous games the Sims is an all-time classic when it comes to endless creativity and creation this game has been a constant top over the last decade. Create your sim, build your house and start to live a life in the most sophisticated dollhouse ever seen.


5) Elite Dangerous

For those who feel like they need even more space and feel the need to leave earth for a few hours, Elite Dangerous is the game for you. Here you get to man your own space ship, fly planet to planet, gather resources to improve your ship or sell on the intergalactic economy, take on missions against rebels or head out for more peaceful adventures.