Čestmír Suška – Artist of Alchemical Proportions

Transformation is the goal of any alchemist. Alchemy takes an item of little to no worth and breathes new life into it. Through applied processes and a touch of magic, the alchemist revamps identities. Cestmir Suska is an alchemist. Over the past few decades, he’s gravitated towards objects that have been abandoned or forgotten – even those in the grip of deterioration. Where others see trash, he sees treasure. “My approach is that something new emerges from what is old, an ugly object becomes an object of admiration.”

In a world where single-use objects and waste are on the rise, it makes sense that Suska’s work would gain further recognition. If more artists followed his ideology, not only could we reduce waste, we’d change the way we approached, looked at, and engaged with art. It is through the bravery of artists who use rubbish that we can see the extraordinary value in all life’s objects.

You can read the full article about Cestmir Suska and his work in the Edition 7 of Oko! Magazine by clicking HERE.