A list for the houseplant hobbyist!

If like some of us at Oko! Magazine you are a fanatic house plant keeper and it is often hard to stay away from garden stores in early spring, the last few weeks might have been difficult for you. We feel you!

For those who are experienced house plant keepers seeking to add one more to their collections or those who want to get started for the first time, we at Oko! have listed our five favorite plant shops in town!

1) Haenke – plants and people, with a twist.

Haenke is a Prague-based project championing the importance of plants in society through a series of bespoke events and immersive installations. Their mission is to promote plant research and its potential in tackling global issues from anti-microbial resistance, protection of the Amazon forest or current challenges in urban lifestyle. Through their activities, they seek to raise awareness about the function and uses of plants all around the world, from medicine to architecture, from fashion to design.

2) Pokoj store

Pokoj is an online plat store and florist whit regular pop-up stores in cafes, restaurants or shops around Prague and Brno, they also have an online shop where you can regularly buy new specimens. They organize regular workshops and offer great advice on how to care for your plants on their Instagram.

3) Gardners.cz

Gardners.cz is a landscaping and plant store offering regular workshops in their new store.

their new store in Svobodova 11 Prague 2 offers the opportunity to see all the assortment with expert commentary. The main landmark of the whole area are two vertical gardens. They are accompanied by specimens from live plants, planted palettes and unusual presentations of magnetic pots. Some specialties are hanging moss  cocedamas ,  glass aerariums  and terrariums.

4) Pure plants CZ

Pure Plants CZ offers interior plant design and aftercare, using local growers to create clean, green spaces in your home, office, school and yoga studios.

5) Chladek

Chaldek is one of the only large garden centers on the list, it is the best place to go to bulk buy new plants for large projects or decorations, they might have a little less unique varieties than the smaller stores but they can get you going in no time.

If you have a favorite plant store or would like to share your favorite houseplant with us feel free to write us to info@okomagazine.cz and we will share it in an upcoming article.