Artist in the Spotlight – Aidé Alcocer

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? 

My name is Aidé Alcocer but my name as an artist is aiDEa.

I come from a country of sunshine, wonderful food, friendly and supportive people, Mexico.

I was born in Mexico City and lived there for 40 years, I had a childhood full of games, music and books, how I remember it, it was much fun.


How have you come to live in the Czech Republic?

I arrived in Prague in 2014, when my son was 3 months old, my husband was offered a job in IT and he asked me, we really didn’t know much about Prague, I asked my father, who was part of the PSUM (Mexican Socialist Party) and he already knew the city at the time of communism, he told us that it was a beautiful city and that the Czech Republic was a growing country in Europe. The truth is that I never believed that it would materialize, I told my husband that they would have to move us all, 3 humans and 4 dogs, the company accepted, so we started the adventure, just like that, with 7 suitcases, computers and my cameras, I could work in any country being a designer and photographer.


Why / What makes you stay?

After 3 years in Prague we considered returning to Mexico, we decided to stay, the situation of violence in our country and the lack of quality of life in Mexico City kept us in Prague, we realized that here we would live in peace, my son could play outside and I wouldn’t have to keep my eyes on him, that simple.

The beauty of Prague is overwhelming. It took me a lot of work to start taking photos here, I couldn’t find a way to portray it.

There are many reasons to love this city, personally, I repeat, it is the quality of life, I fell in love with its parks, its wonderful symbiosis with nature, clean and efficient public transportation, but I also fell in love with the respect among people, nobody cares about your physical appearance, for example, here everyone dresses in the fashion they want, is free to show your body, you can walk as a woman alone at dawn and there is no danger of simply disappearing, that is for me the greatest plus of Prague.

When you put these qualities on the scales of life, the bad things don’t weight so much anymore, you get used to the fact that the Czechs don’t smile at you always or that someone from some dependencies when you have to do some paperwork is not the most kind, and you don´t take it personally, but of course, as a Latina, it’s a tremendous cultural shock.

2020 is the 5th year living in Prague.


How were you introduced to photography?

At 18, I worked as an assistant to a well-known graphic designer and admirer of photography in Mexico, he was a great friend of my father, the truth is that at that age I didn’t know what I wanted to study, I really liked graphic design but photography and the cinema caught my attention a lot, so working for his studio gave me access to see my options and he encouraged me to go on the photography side, he lent me his cameras, he had all the formats and I decided I had to test myself, after taking photos for a year I was accepted into the Active School of Photography and I got into it full time even though I never left graphic design.

At school I had a wonderful class called photo-design and I immediately identified myself.

At the end of my photography career, I began to look for more Diplomas where I could mix the photo with a moving image and experiment, I did it for a long period, so long that I became an art director and photography editor.

When the photography world changed from analog to digital was an explosion in my head, I used the first Photoshop which over the years helped me to express what I wanted in my work, even in my current one.


Anyone in peculiar that inspires you in general or at the moment?

Speaking of photography, I have been a total fan of Jan Saudek, I never imagined living in his country, I like his work since I was a teenager and it inspired me to lose fear of color and think of alternative printing media, this is to print on paper cotton and use watercolors or acrylic paints in the photos, I owe him the love of high contrast.

Floria Sigismondi is another great influence, I admire her as a photographer and art director, she has an incomparable way to compose images.

I am a person who is constantly seeing images not only static, I am fan of cinema, video and I have made my own short films, so the influences come to me in one way or another but constantly and from new or old artist in the media.


What tools do you use to make and edit your work?  Anything out of the ordinary?

I work with a mix of Nikon equipment and a phone Huawei P20, I totally believe in the mix of traditional and new technologies

My main tool is photoshop, it is the one that has allowed me to explore the possibilities of the interpretation that I want to give to my photos and the message that I want to transmit to the viewer, an example of this is my series on Gay Pride Prague in which by, using this tool and working in layers, I play with the plans that are of interest to me.


How would you describe your work?

My work is a mix of photography, music and design, it has many influences from punk, new wave and pop from the 90´s
(I´m 45 years old I been working as a DJ for 25 years).

One of the things that I studied in life was architectural design, so in my work on urban landscape you can see some of it.

I consider myself a multimedia artist with a strong inclination for photography.


Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Entering the world of photography in Prague is a complicated task, not only because of the language (that I had studied for a while now and I’m still studying it) and that’s why I gave myself the task of contacting other expat photographers,  resulting in a very interesting  experience. I will very soon start creating workshops with the goal of creating new exhibitions(this one of my projects the year). Now I’m working on my photo project called “CZ Dreams”, which has as its central axis the projection regarding freedom that we Latino women feel in this city.


Where can people find you?

You can find my work here:
Instagram @aideaphoto