Travel Local – The Slapy Water reservoir, Vodni Nadrž Slapy

For those who are already dreading the city summer heat the Slapy water reservoir is a day trip you defensively want to plan during the upcoming summer.

At a convenient one-hour drive from Prague, the Slapy reservoir offers anything a good day trip needs, plenty of open green space for you, your family, and your pets to run free and enjoy nature.

Slapy Lake was created by the building of the Slapy Dam across the Vltava River. Both get their name from the village of Slapy which can be found a couple of kilometres west of the dam.

Photo by Richenza

The dam was build under Communism between 1949 – 1955 to generate hydro-electricity, as well as to control river flow and in an attempt to prevent flooding further downstream in times of heavy rain. Slapy Lake, behind the dam, stretches south for over 40 km and is widely used by small pleasure boats and yachts.

The reservoir offers plenty of commodities, where you can get refreshments or rent water sports equipment for the more adventurous amongst us. For those who are looking for a quiet corner, there are plenty of quaint water accessible spaces where you can sunbathe in peace.