Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia face “catastrophic” droughts

The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are facing historic droughts threatening their agricultural sector, water resources and putting entire communities at risk.

Czech Republic faces worst drought in 500 years

Earlier this week, Environment Minister Richard Brabec said that the Czech Republic was facing its worst drought in 500 years. “We are facing an unprecedented drought period, both in its duration and its impact”, he warned. “And it’s April, when water levels in rivers should be at their highest and the soil should be soaked with water”.

Data revealed that more than three-quarters of the Czech territory faced extreme drought conditions in April and that only a tiny fraction of the soil had a normal level of water.

In Prague, the water level of the Vltava river is only 22% its monthly average.

“Smaller rivers will dry out, there may be tens, perhaps hundreds of communities supplied by cisterns because their sources may dry out”, Brabec claimed, adding that his Ministry had asked for additional resources of up to 3.5 billion Kc (around €130 million) to fight the drought and preserve harvests.

Long-term meteorological conditions (temperature rise, lack of rain and snowfalls, warm winter), as well as the legacy of intensive farming in landlocked Czech Republic have been blamed for the unprecedented crisis.


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