Travel Local – The Podhůra Recreational Forests

At a leisurely three kilometres south of the city of Chrudim, on the border of the protected landscape of the iron mountains, lies the Podhůra Recreational Forests. 

This recreational forest is a true treasure trove of activities, as it offers days worth of adventures for both young and old.

A gigantic network of hiking trails offers challenges for both experienced and beginner Výletníks (hikers). For those who would much rather spare their legs and travel the paths on horseback, there are many nature trails to travel.

Along the trails, you will encounter a plenitude of attractions and wondrous sights such as an obstacle cable park, climbing walls, nature stations, archaeological sights, etc…

The trails will also lead you past a miniature castle and to the Devil’s rock where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Churin and the surrounding regions.

The Podhůra Recreational Forests also offers a wheelchair-accessible trail.

For more information you can visit the Czech website