Travel Local – Adršpach Teplice Rocks

Cover photo by Jan Mehlich

Almost at a crosspoint drive between Prague(2.5-hour) and Brno(3.5-hour) not far from the Polish border, located in a triangle between the villages of Teplice ad Metují, Adršpach and Čáp Peak you will find the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks.

These are considered to be some of the most famous rock formations in the Czech Republic. Unbeknownst to most who wander the many hiking trails is that once upon a time these structures were on the bottom of the ocean.

When walking the paths alongside these great structures it’s hard to miss the fairytale-like atmosphere that surrounds them, and the names given to them over the past two centuries such as Eagles Nest and Devil’s bridge show us that we are not the first generation to be impressed by these geological constructions, some reaching a height of 100m.

Photo by Emillie

Not far from the rock formations you can find the Pískovna lake and the picturesque Malý and Velký Adršpašský waterfalls, as well as other points of interests such as the Broumov sandstone Cliffs with beautiful cliffs, deep ravines and scenic viewing points and the Ostaš nature reserve with its amazing rock labyrinths, all together this truly is a magical trip not to miss when discovering the Czech Republic.

There is more here to see than possible in one day, we would absolutely recommend to rent a cottage or stay in one of the local B&B’s so to fully experience these sights.

Cover photo by Jan Mehlich