Free Online Art, History, and Science Classes Thanks to the World’s Largest Musea.

With many of us stuck at home, some bored without work other suddenly thrown into the job of teacher finding enough material to keep yourself and the kids happy might seem like a bit of a challenge.

Luckily some of the world’s largest Art, History, and Science museums have curated interactive classes, video tours, and at-home activities that will make sure teachers and students alike will have fun while learning!

1) The MET (New York)

The MET Breuer by Ajay Suresh

The Met Museum offers a vast library of at-home exhibitions, from history to art they have cleverly condensed large exhibitions into interesting articles accompanied by high-quality photos of the most stunning pieces of art. Visit The Met at home section here.


2) The Smithsonian (Washington)

Smithsonian Institution Building or The Castle by Túrelio

The Smithsonian offers a large selection of timed events for both adults and kids, from art classes you can follow live, talking circles or interviews with scientists there is plenty for young and old. You can find their list of scheduled events here.


3)The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)

Van Gogh Museum by A. Ocram

The Van Gogh Museum has a selection of art classes specially curated for primary school level kids, categorized by age groups these art classes come with handy teacher sheets for the parents to be able to properly guide their pupils through the creative process of the great Dutch masters. To find the list of classes you can visit their website here.


4) The NEMO Science Museum (Amsterdan)

Nemo Science Museum by Gamekeeper

The Nemo Science museum in Amsterdam offers om their website a selection of short explanatory articles about the science of everyday objects and products, from sunscreen to the magnetic forces there is plenty to learn, together with these interesting facts there are small DIY science experiments that can be easily done from home with every-day items. To see the full list of articles and experiments visit their website here.


5)The Louvre (Paris)

Louvre Museum’s Napoleon Courtyard by Benh LIEU SONG

Being one of the largest and most exhaustive museums in the world the Louvre is no stranger to the online world. You can learn about ancient Egypt or take a closer look at the famous Mona Lisa through the vast video library they host on their website. You will find the videos on their website here.

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