Czech Republic joins EU climate neutrality goal

The Czech Republic has officially signed up to the European Union’s goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, local Hospodarske Noviny daily reported.

In a letter sent by Environment Minister Richard Brabec (ANO) to the European Commission and EU member states, the Czech Republic officially backed the EU’s ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and states that the country is committed to the fight against climate change.

Czech Republic signs up to EU climate neutrality despite initial scepticism

The Czech government, including Prime Minister Andrej Babis, has in the past repeatedly criticized the goal of reaching zero net emissions by mid-century. Officials in Prague had joined Poland and Hungary last June to block the EU from adopting its climate neutrality target, but eventually came round after being offered assurances regarding its nuclear energy program.

Along with reaffirming the Czech Republic’s commitment to tackling climate change, Minister Brabec reminds the government’s intention to expand its nuclear power capacities and argues the Czech Republic should receive an important financial support to reach zero emissions by 2050.

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