Travel Local – The Ponds of Dobcice

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A short two hour drive south of the capitol and three hours west of Brno, nestled in the Southwest corner of the Czech Republic lies The Ponds of Dobcice. 

Word quickly caught on about this tranquil paradise originally built as a summer home for the Stritecky family by architect Jiri Stritecky himself. Over time the family decided to expand and share their little piece of heaven by constructing three additional homes which are now open to the public as holiday rentals. 

This perfect glamping weekend getaway offers a variety of three very unique apartments Everything from teepees to tree houses and even a floating cabin. Another perk? You can literally melt your troubles away by soaking in the private sauna while taking in the unspoiled beauty all around you. 

Nature lovers will especially appreciate the ‘All Natural Resort’ theme of the ponds. There is no electricity or running water and every bungalow was designed with keeping a green lifestyle in mind. Each cabin comes equipped with solar lanterns, a wood burning stove, a water pump and a dry compostable WC. The water pump is used to gather water directly from the pond which is then heated by a boiler stove and has both cold and hot options. 

There are a ton of activities for people of all ages as well. Spend a relaxing day on the dock catching rainbow trout or catfish to grill for dinner. Pour some wine and bask in the warm summer sun catching up with friends while absorbing the natural energy all around you. Or grab a book and laze around in a hammock under the shade while drifting into a peaceful nap. Ice skating is also available in the winter months.  

Feeling more adventurous? Hike up to the Tower of Klet and take in the idyllic views while enjoying lunch at the local cafe and don’t forget to check out the planetarium on the way back down. Or spend the day exploring the extraordinary Blansky Les Forest beneath the foothills of the Sumava Mountains. 

Check out one of the historical monuments nearby The Kratochivle Chateaux featuring renaissance architecture and the Archeopark which was built on the site of a former Slavic settlement are the two most frequently visited. Bicycle tours are also available to spend the day wandering around Dobcice or meandering through the many hiking trails.

The Ponds of Dobcice is the perfect escape from city living— A hidden gem secluded by natural landscape. It’s a truly beautiful place and will leave you breathless with its serene beauty and stillness in a world often so busy. Click here for more info.