Violetta arrived form Samara in 2008 and studied economics and marketing in Prague and Barcelona.

Her passions were always connected to the creative side of things like web design and marketing, but she also gets inspired by people. One of her great inspirations was Helmut Newton. When she was recreating his style for a shooting, she noticed that the needed props were not of high quality. Unsatisfied, she decided to create her own accessories, but with a much higher quality standard. A friend from Ostrava helped her with the first samples. Quickly, people liked what she was doing and now today´s best sellers are the bunny and cat masks. Desires of Prague was born. Producing in small numbers allowed her to fulfil customized products in leather, as the imagination of her clients seemed to know no limits (e.g. special belts and harnesses). Requests come from all sort of people including show-biz professionals and photographers.

All these shades of Prague are an inspiration for her, but also the rich architecture, and the little hidden secrets one can discover whilst strolling the streets of Prague. “There is always a first-time experience” she says. Today, you can experience a bit of her world. ”

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Desires in Praha

This article is a collaboration with Mike form Colours of Prague, for more interesting portraits follow their page.