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Can you tell us a little more about yourself? ( where you a from, where you grew up etc..)

My name is Lada Nayevo. I was born in Czech Republic and grew up in Ostrava and Opava, cites in North Moravia. At the age of 19, I moved to Prague where my adventure and professional life began and where I still continue to live.







Why / What makes you stay/love to live in Prague / CZ

I studied art at elementary school in Moravia and knew from an early age that I was inspired and excited by art and creativity. I felt a natural attraction to photography and devoted more and more time to my passion. I decided that I wanted a career as a professional photographer and chose to study photography in Prague. My time in Prague lasted longer than I had originally planned and I began to meet new and amazing friends but sadly began to lose those in Moravia who also moved to different locations around the world. I fell in love with Prague thanks to everything it had to offer – culture, entertainment, friends, and a vast array of job opportunities. This all convinced me that I want to live right here.


How were you introduced to photography?

Since an early age, I have always wanted to express myself in a creative way. After fnishing my art studies at Elementary school, I was encouraged by my parents to study hospitality at the Hotel School in Moravia. Due to the intensity of these studies, I did not have as much time as I would love to continue my drawing and art. I began to think about how can I “create art” in minutes rather than hours and where the attraction of photography began to form in my mind. As I look back now I realize that the photograph may only take minutes to make, however, I can spend hours developing the scene, creating the atmosphere, and processing the picture on my computer. For something that I wanted to do in minutes can still take me hours.

My first camera was a simple and compact device that I received for free thanks to a subscription to a daily newspaper called DNES. I began taking pictures of people, the city and its still life, however, if I am honest, the subject I enjoyed the most were always people and cities.

Anyone in particular that inspires you in general or at the moment?

As I explored this new area of interest, I began to study different “artists” and the style of photographs and how they were created. initially, I was fascinated by abstract photographs especially those found on the covers of music media. Only later did I come across Annie Leibovitz, an American photographer, whose work I fell in love with. Her sense of portraiture combined with her punk style, talent, and unique skill was inspiring to me.  Currently, rather than having a single and favourite photographer, I am inspired by a broad range of different works from different photographers. Sometimes Some can be fashion photographers but also I am amazed by the work of street photographers. However, Annie Leibowitz, with her original black and white photographs, is still my favourite.


What tools do you use to make and edit your work? Anything out of the ordinary?

For my professional work, I am fully digital and work with a Canon full-frame SLR camera equipped with a range of lenses. I post-process and edit my photos in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For my personal work / freelance work, I own several motion picture cameras, my favourite being a Canon EOS 30 which I can use the same lens as for my digital Canon. I can see this as a great advantage.


How would you describe your work?

In my professional activity, I focus mostly on portrait and reportage photography. I have always been interested in portrait work, especially women. Expression, environment, and artistic representation drew me into other dream worlds, into the story and felt that I imagined experiencing. That is why I started to focus mainly on portraiture. I see this as an expression of my own imagination and secret worlds. The biggest interest for me has always been the connection between portraiture and commercial photography. I see the connection between these two worlds within portrait fashion photography.

In my free time, I love to travel and photography is an integral part of this. I enjoy using an analogue camera for this type of photography while on the go. An analogue camera creates a slightly different style of photography to that of a digital camera. I love the rawness and the way I have to approach this style of photography. While on the road, I am continually observing people and the atmosphere of the city looking to take the perfect picture. What I enjoy the most is photographing urban street art. I do not go looking for this but come across this amazing talent when I least expect it. I enjoy observing creativity and street art themes in different countries all around the world.

Where can people find you? (website/social media)

You can see more of my work at:
IG: @ladanayevo
FB: Lada Nayevo Photography

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