Czech Republic’s “first-ever” floating 3D-printed house now complete

The “first-ever floating 3D-printed building in the world”, according to Czech sculptor Michal Trpák, has been completed in southern city of České Budějovice.

The unique and stylish structure, whose simple 43-square-meter floor plan includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, is scheduled to be displayed on the Vltava river in Prague in August. The house will now go through a series of tests to ensure proper performance and resistance, reports Prague Morning.

“Despite minor issues caused by the weather, we managed to 3D-print the house successfully. It took us 22 hours in total”, said Trpák in a statement. “As the concrete will take 28 days to harden, we are completing the house, preparing the green roof, floors, all distributions, doors, windows…”

“The house is intended as a leisure-time house to stand in the countryside, ideally for a couple or a small family”, he said, adding that the design of the house, which can be printed in 48h, was inspired by a single-celled creature known as a protozoa.

The sculptor drew inspiration from 3D-printed housing projects in the Netherlands.


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