Babyteeth: Australian film hit in Aero Cinema

Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest in collaboration with Aero Cinema is proud to present a special screening of the Australian film Babyteeth, a debut feature by director Shannon Murphy, to be screened at 8:30 pm on July 15, 2020. The movie which portrays teenage ease and humour the serious theme of a fight with an incurable illness was a hit at the Venice Film Festival.

One of the reasons life is beautiful is because it can’t be planned. When 16 year old Milla falls in love with a loser called Moses, it’s a nightmare for her parents. But this first encounter with love awakens in the sick Milla a new lust for life and her energy and desire for discovery soon sends the whole family into a spin. This Australian drama, told with ease and original humour was a hit with audiences at the Venice Film Festival.

According to the director, the actress playing Milla – twenty-one year old Eliza Scanlen who stars in the series Sharp Objects is a real talent: “She [Milla] is going through a big life change, and is redefining who she is. She rebels against her parents, falls in love with the drug addicted Moses but she’s not naïve, she is quite smart.“



The movie was made possible due to the support of producer Jane Chapman, who helped bring to life films by Oscar winning director Jane Campion, among others.

“We are pleased that after a long break when people couldn’t go to the cinema due to lockdown measures, we can remind ourselves to people who like quality films from down under with this film,” said Martina Vacková, director and founder of the Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest who will personally introduce the screening at Aero Cinema. She further added: “It’s a beautiful and moving film that suits the big screen. We believe that you’ll find time to make it to Cinema Aero even in the middle of summer and during the holidays.”

The film was the opening feature of the recent Tady Vary showcase which replaced the cancelled Karlovy Vary International Film Festival with a screening of 16 selected films in in 96 cinemas around the country.

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