Prague Pride goes digital for it’s 10th anniversary

Due to the global pandemic, Prague Pride has made the difficult decision to cancel the Parade that is so emblematic of the festival, this however has not stopped the festival from going on, this year with some changes and technological innovations.

This year’s pride hosts a record number of individual events hosted by many of our favorite venues not only in the city but for the first time also throughout the Czech Republic. (click here for the full program) To cope with the crowd limitations Pride this year will be live-streamed every day of the festival covering the main events on the island from 4pm to 9pm. Hence this years theme of “Prided Live”



As pride director Hana Kulhánkivá explained it: “We wanted to emphasize the theme of interconnection, which is very important to us. We have to get to know each other as LGBT+ people because, for example, the fact that I am a lesbian does not mean that I understand trans people. However, we don’t want to stick only with LGBT+ people, but also communicate with the people around us. The tenth Prague Pride simply has the aim of uniting the whole Czech Republic,” Making this year’s struggle in a way an opportunity to make this Prague Pride the most inclusive and accessible yet.

Other than a celebration of diversity and uniqueness pride as always is also the perfect opportunity for education, and as per usual Prague Pride this year collaborates with a large number of associations and organizations to host a variety of talks and discussions about the many subjects involving the community. Some these will be accessible online through interactive streaming option (see the pride web page for more details here)

The Prague pride organisations will keep in regulation with the most up to day COVID hygiene standards issued by the government at the time of the event, to make sure everyone can enjoy pride equally.

Happy Pride!


Photos for this article are from Pride 2019, and provided by the Prague Pride Organisation.