Premiere of the feature documentary “World according to Mucha”

The Festive premiere of the feature documentary “World according to Mucha” took place on September 28 in the Lucerna theaters, the movie goes to cinemas on October 1.

A remarkable stylized documentary delighted the premiere audience
who had an enthusiastic response, the success of the film was celebrated in style with the sparkling wine “Mucha”.



The audience was welcomed by one of the film’s producers, Ondřej Beránek from Punk, on stage were the creative team led by the director
Roman Vávra.

Alfons Mucha’s great-grandson Marcus Mucha also made an appearance at the premiere.



According to Mucha, The World is the most complex film in the last 20 years. Experience a new look into the life of the iconic artist, who became famous in particular with his Art Nouveau posters and the monumental Slavic epic and to this day it inspires contemporary creators all around the world.