Slavic mythology: Rod, and the birth of a new universe (Kafkadesk)

Museums around the world are filled with statues of gods and goddesses once worshipped by the ancient Greeks, Romans or Egyptians. But what about the Slavic mythology? We already learned about Perun, the thunder god, and Morena, the goddess of death, now let’s take a look at Slavic mythology’s very own creation myth.

All cultures, across eras and geographies, have pondered the same eternal question – how was the world created? Who or what was the mysterious force brought about this planet and all the creatures that inhabit it? Ever since the dawn of humanity, spirituality and later religion and science have searched for the answer.

But before the scientific theories, there were stories. Myths and legends that the people created, and used, to make sense of the complex world around them. The Old Slavs too had a creation myth…

The birth of a new universe

In the beginning, there was darkness and chaos. Blackness enveloped a golden egg, the symbol of new life, in which Rod, the forefather of all Slavic gods and of all of creation, was sound asleep. Floating in the primordial chaos, Rod was resting and waiting for the moment to grow strong enough to create all that we know to be the world.

So the forces of imbalance awoke Rod from his harmonious slumber. He started feeling hot, and suddenly, freezing cold. Up until then, consciousness was all there was. But, it was unknown to itself. In order to discover its great wholeness, it would have to break off into dual opposites.


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