Business in the Spotlight: Meet Niñasilla

Welcome to the latest column on Oko! Magazine titled ‘Business in the spotlight’.| Here we take a more in-depth look into Czechia’s many great small businesses owned by extraordinary entrepreneurs. We take a closer look into how they started, how they learned their trade, what kind of good or services they have on offer and more importantly, inform you about where you can find these amazing people!

We kick off this new column with Nadia from Barcelona, an illustrator and art director who has thrown her passion in the creation of “Littles”, but more about them in the next paragraph.



Nadia, who also operates under her alias: Niñasilla, got a deeper understanding of the design and the art world while studying her Master in Arts in Barcelona.

Her inspiration for the ‘Little Ones’ emerged after her move to Prague. Due to her personal childlike view of the world and the Prague’s playful atmosphere,Nadia initiated her artistic journey with the little ones. Nadia says she is inspired by the many fun and childish things that happen around her.

The motto behind her design is “unleash the little one inside you”! She hopes people will look at her work as if they view things through the eyes of a child for the first time. Full of joy, happiness and perhaps even with a bit of naïve innocence.

It is never easy to set up business in a foreign country, especially when you do not know the language. One way of working around that is by taking part in local events where the crowds are more focused on her type of art.



Nadia has many big plans for the future, which will be announced when they are ready. If you are interested in Nadia’s story and her work. You can find her Website here or on Instagram  and Facebook.

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