Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest ONLINE Program

G‘day and Kia ora! The 7th annual film festival of movies from the other side of the world is your comfortable trip to Australia and New Zealand from your living room at a time when both countries have closed their borders to us. So in spite of all the lockdowns, choose from nine cinema hits from both Australia and New Zealand which will screen on the online movie platform from 19 to 29 November, 2020. Our online festival will showcase new releases as well as a selection of the “best of” from our past festivals and which we think are a must see and which were a joy to watch. So no matter where you are in the Czech Republic, travel 16,000 km in just a few clicks, without any barriers or worries about your health and enjoy the festival ride we have prepared for you. 

All films can be viewed between the 19th and 29th of November, 2020 at The cost of each movie stream is 90 Crowns.   

The New Zealand action feature GUNS AKIMBO is a must for lovers of computer games, sci-fi or Harry Potter – sorry Daniel Radcliffe. As Miles Lee Harris, he portrays a bit of a nobody who is dumped by his girlfriend, so he now spends all his time hidden away at home, programming computer games. That is, until an unexpected visit forces him into a game for real. But this time he is playing for his life.

Another well known star, Australia’s Hugo Weaving, will appear in our Aussie and Kiwi festival‘s online line up in two great films and two very different roles. The first one, the drama HEARTS AND BONES shines a spotlight on the very current global theme of immigration. Hugo Weaving in the lead role as photojournalist Daniel is in the midst of preparing an exhibition from his visits to various war zones when he is approached by a South Sudanese refugee named Sebastian who urges him not to exhibit pictures from the massacre of his village. The story at the heart of this movie is one of an unlikely friendship while at the same time capturing contemporary Australia as it deals with the global phenomenon of immigration.

Anyone who knows the story of Australia’s most famous outlaw bushranger, Ned Kelly (an Australian version of Jessy James or Jánošík) will certainly not want to miss this new adaptation of his story called THE TRUE STORY OF THE KELLY GANG. It‘s a fresh take and interpretation of the bandit’s life and not everyone might like it – but if you’re willing to accept the film’s unusual approach, you might just be pleased with something unconventional.

The best of Aussie & Kiwi

In the box office hit THE DRESSMAKER on the other hand, you’ll love Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith in the Matrix movies) in the role of a cross dressing police officer of a small country town, starring alongside Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth.

At a time when the most important rule to follow is social distancing, you’ll be entertained by the movie LITTLE DEATH, an original comedy about sex, love, relationships and the secret desires of some very average people living in a quiet suburb in Sydney.

The film SWEET COUNTRY on the other hand is a magnificent Australian western about violence and racism trapped deep beneath the surface. It is one of the must see movies of recent years.

Called The Blondini Gang on social media, they fight for animal rights and this is their story – three random young accidental outlaws in a stolen Mini Cooper chase across New Zealand in search of a long lost love. This is the comedy road movie PORK PIE which launched the Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest in 2018 and gave audiences at the sold out Lucerna cinema not only a virtual tour of New Zealand’s beautiful  landscape, but also a feel good movie about love, friendship and adventure.

A “best of” selection wouldn’t be complete without the visually magnificent documentary BLUE which shows up close the impact of humans on ocean ecosystems. For instance did you know that 66,000 garbage trucks (or 500,000 tonnes) of plastic waste from Europe end up on beaches and oceans every year? The ocean is where life on our planet started and today, it has a major impact on the climate and environmental conditions of the entire planet. This amazing documentary chronicles not only our impact on ocean life but also the work being done by many around the world to try to help the oceans and its animals.

The documentary feature WESTWIND: DJALU’S LEGACY is for all lovers of indigenous Aboriginal culture in Australia but not just them. Documentary filmmaker Ben Strunin befriends an Aboriginal elder who is seeking to pass on the mystical knowledge of the Dreamtime stories to his son and family. How do indigenous communities cope with colonisation that has been going on for centuries? Are original cultures being lost, or can they be kept alive through Western culture? This is a beautiful and uplifting documentary that delves into the story of a particular indigenous tribe and how its culture is passed on through the didgeridoo.

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