Dating in the times of Corona


“All You Need Is Love” – Original photography by Mike von Köppe.

On that night, I had some drinks with friends in one of the most popular bars in town, when the doors opened, there she was. Her beauty outshined the tastefully arranged mood lighting and I swear, I smelled the sweet fragrance of her perfume far before she even walked by. Blinded by her beauty I forgot all about my natural shyness and when our eyes met for the first time BANG! at that movie like moment is when I suddenly hear the needle scratching the vynil record to wake me up from the dream of a normal dating live before the Big C hit us.

But how about these days? Bars, cafes and restaurants are closed. Where do we go for our first dates and flirts?

So unless like Bridget Jones we singles are going to spend the holiday season alone we’ll have to take out dating for a virtual detour.

We have all used the most famous dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo or OKCupid where a bunch of swiping left will match you with others based on visual cues alone.

If swiping is not your style there are plenty of more complex dating services where a multitude of more or less intruding questions will attempt matching you with suitable contestants, however, as explained in THIS ( Ted Talk looking for something too specific in a potential partner could dull the surprise of meeting someone truly unique, remember that perfection can be found in imperfections.


shallow focus photo of man in gray collared top taking selfie

If the digital world of matching and swiping is out of your grasp the classic match seeking newspaper advertisement is still a possibility in the popular online local newspaper (Classified advertisement paper ) or on whose entire business model is geared around just this, if this is something for you, you better start preparing your sales pitch!

For the latest dating trend, we can turn to Facebook’s latest in app dating service, after all, wasn’t social media invited to bring us all together? The more courageous of us might just try to reach out to new people through the Facebook friend suggestions but keep in mind stalking is a real turn-off.

Another classic in the dating world is to hit up that one friend who always knows someone who is perfect for you, corny maybe but in these days of limited social interactions it might just cut the chase. Besides, friends know you better than any dating app and could just match you up with someone with similar interest, sbecause even though opposites attract it might be a good idea to start with some common point of interest.

Last but not least we explore the latest in online dating excperiences: Virtual Parties, common chat rooms, or video conferences with good music and chill vibes can offer a jolly good time during these lonely nights. The best part of it all is that you don’t even need to get all dressed up after your long day of home-office and the way home is a short one!

It seems to me that you have no more reason to spend the holiday season alone listening to Sad FM. instead, I hope you spend it with a reduced group of family or with your new-found virtual friends perhaps enjoying one of the Christmas movies of which I have smuggles clues off into this article. Just keep in mind that love can be found in many places and shapes and that unconventional times might require unconventional methods.

Good luck and stay safe!

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