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How to Become More Present

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One of the most beneficial yet simple practices that can help you weather uncertainty and feel more at peace is true “presence”. The practice of being fully present while as basic as it seems, is not always so easy.  Every single day, we are all constantly flooded by messages, news, information, thoughts, and worries. We allow our minds to get distracted. It is easy to get caught ruminating over the past or worrying about the future. However, the less we become fixated on things beyond our control, the more we can begin to feel more empowered in our lives. True presence requires us to start becoming mindful of how we interact with our world even in the smallest of ways. When we become truly present, we can begin to find more peace and inspiration in the everyday, our relationships improve, and we begin to find a deeper sense of gratitude. I will share some of my personal favorite tips to help you get more present in your day to day life.



Change simple parts of your routine: Most of the things we do day in and day out are done on autopilot. A simple and easy way to shift from auto pilot to becoming more present is changing simple parts of your routine. This can be as easy as taking a different route when you walk to the store. Go to a different park when you walk the dog. Change the order of your morning routine. Eat something different for breakfast. You can even change the hand you brush your teeth with. Any simple change in your routine can help shift your energy towards the present moment.  Change these things often and you’ll notice how the chatter of your brain becomes a bit quieter and you will start to slow the looping or recurring thoughts you have.


turned-on MacBook Pro on bedLESS SCREEN TIME

Reduce your screen time. Between work, social media, Netflix, etc, most of us spend so much time just staring at screens. We can often lose track of time when we are too immersed in our electronic devices. Ask yourself what activities could you swap out for endless social media scrolling or binging on a Netflix series. Our lack of energy and inspiration often stems from not being fully connected to what is around us. Go for longer walks, read, dance, paint, Find activities that allow you to get back into the present moment and your body. 



Even on days where I spend less time in meditation practice, I still find a few moments of deep breaths so grounding. Carving out a short period of time for some deep and mindful breaths throughout the day is a wonderful practice to have. .When we connect to our breath, we come back to the present moment. 


woman sitting on picnic matTRUELY ENJOY YOUR MEAL

Pay attention to the full experience of eating. Truly savoring a meal is one of my favorite ways to become more present. With eating, the sensation of smell and taste remind us of the simple pleasures. Allowing yourself to slow down and really engage with your senses not only makes a meal more enjoyable but you are less likely to overeat as well.



Again, this one sounds simple but so often in group sessions I have done, I see clients who are unsure of what they are feeling. Or they may know what they are feeling but they quickly try to fix or change them. Many of us have difficulties coping with feelings that make us feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. We may try to distract or avoid them. Actually feeling our feelings requires us to get present. Get present with what the feeling causes in your body. Is there tightness or tension in certain parts of the body. What message is the feeling telling you? Embrace your feelings and allow them to just be.



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