Originally, Václav comes from Dvůr Králové. That’s where he sang along to hits of Karel Gott as a little boy to entertain his grandparents using a wooden microphone.

When he was 6, he started learning to play the piano and guitar came later. His first real band was called “Sfinga”. Popular cover songs and a majority of girls at grammar school made him popular instantly. He even played basketball as a junior in the Czech extra league, which inspired him later to an anti-motivation song called “Sport”.

Today, he writes songs about life and love, but always with a sense of irony and even some social critic included. Whilst all compositions are his, lyrics are sometimes a result of collaborations with other artists. He meets them in Prague’s vivid live music scene, which is rich in different genres and one can enjoy it on every given day. For Václav, Prague is the heart of the Czech music scene. Still, it is also an excellent meeting point with international musicians living here or visiting whilst on tour.

His stage name (which he was given by friends) is Láska, which means love in Czech and derives from Vac-Love. Láska’s songs are mainly in Czech, you can feel this spirit in his melodies, and for other ex-pats, it might be an excellent motivation to fall in love and learn more Czech.”This article is a collaboration with Mike form Colours of Prague, for more interesting portraits follow their page.

More about Václav and his works can be found here:

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