Football Association “shocked” by the chart of popular sports

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Czechs like to play bowling or tennis and they like to watch ice hockey and skiing. This is said in a survey that was presented by the National Sports Agency. The survey will now help to distribute funding for sports associations. The League Football Association has already asked for revision.

However, according to the head of the agency Milan Hnilička (MP for ANO), the research has provided proper data from many different groups of people, such as organized and unorganized athletes, fans. Five thousand participants took part in the survey to rate the attractiveness of 105 sports from two points of view – from the point of view of the spectator and also the active practice of a specific sport.

The survey, in which men, women, sports fans and so-called non-fans over the age of 15 responded, was ice hockey as the most popular sport. From the spectator’s point of view, skiing, athletics, figure skating or motorsport came before football.


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According to the Football Association, the results are controversial. The survey shows that football was rated eighth in terms of spectator attractiveness and 17th in terms of active playing. “The results absolutely do not correspond to the fact that the Football Association of the Czech Republic has over 340,000 active members, the most of all sports associations in the Czech Republic. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that these are not so-called dead souls, because membership is renewed electronically every year,” Michal Jurman, a spokesman for the Football Association said. The co-owner of the OKTAGON MMA organization, Ondřej Novotný, is also surprised by the results of the survey. MMA was ranked 78th in the ranking, behind for example modelling and yoga.

However, the National Sports Agency is preparing to redistribute subsidies for the operation of sports unions and associations also according to the survey. When making a decision, the survey will influence it approximately by 30 percent, the rest will be decided by hard data.


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