Furniture bank to help people in need

Furniture Bank has opened in Prague Libuš. People can bring used but functional furniture they don’t use anymore here. People who cannot afford to buy new things will then get these collected pieces.


Furniture Bank started its service today. Donated furniture and appliances must be in good condition, but furniture that requires minor repairs will also be accepted because carpenter will be available as well. The first donation was made by IKEA.

Individuals from the capital and the surrounding area as well as companies can donate unnecessary pieces of apartment equipment. Furniture can be applied for by people who are in financial difficulties and who have the recommendations of the social affairs department or who cooperate with the social service.

According to the director of the Centre of Social Service Prague Martin Šimáček, there are over 20,000 people in Prague who need some kind of housing support. The help should be directed to people who, for example, have returned from prison, lived in an orphanage, have experience of life on the streets and so on. According to Šimáček, the furniture bank is thus a degree of help for people to secure their own housing.


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