Five Czech Chocolateries to treat you or your valentine this year

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and after the gloomy end of 2020 and begin of 2021 whether you have a significant other to surprise or want to treat yourself chocolates are always a good way to go.

In the article below I’ve listed 5 of my favourite Chocolate shops in Prague where you can get all the wonder of the hand-crafted pralines the city has to offer.

1) Gold Pralines CZ

In the heart of Prague, gold pralines has had a sweet spot in my heart for as long as I have been here, either when guiding my friends or family through the city or on a romantic walk with my partner this spot is always on the route.


2) Pralinky Ujezd

Just like the previous place, this shop is perfectly located alongside the touristic paths and thus has been one of my favourite shops for as long as I have lived here if your trip of the day takes you towards Ujezd on your way to or from the castle this shop is worth going into for the smells alone.


3) Kristyjan Chocolatiers

Kristyjan Chocolatiers takes a praline to a whole new level, not only do they taste like little chunks of heaven they also look like you are biting into the marvels of the galaxy, for a truly impressive box of chocolates this is your place.


4) Passion Hand Made Chocolate

A little outside the city centre Passion Hand Made Chocolate focuses on making traditional Belgian pralines and bars with a fresh and modern twist and is most certainly worth the detour.


5) Cokoladovna Troubelice


For the last spot on our list, we are leaving the city and going for a trip to Troubelice, where a small family factory produces homemade chocolates with beans from Ecuador and even if this place is technically not in Prague as per the title of this article a romantic car ride would be incomplete without a stop here.


The entire Oko! Team hopes everyone spends a lovely Valentine’s Day whether that be together or alone.