Shops might open next week

The Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček (for ANO) will submit a proposal to the government to open all shops from February 22. Services (such as hairdressers) are not included in the proposal. If the epidemical situation allows it, they could open in March.


According to Havlíček, the possible opening of shops would be accompanied by strict hygienic measures – such as limiting the maximum number of customers to one per 15 square metres, obligatory face masks, maintaining a distance of two metres from others, disinfection and other. The Ministry will specify them in the next days.

The Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism stated that it welcomed this decision. It however sees it as an effort to “be faster than the Constitutional Court.”

The government has banned retail sales from October 22. In November, more than twenty senators filed a complaint against it. The Constitutional Court is due to give its opinion on Monday – the same day the ban will probably cease to apply.


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