Photo of the Week – Rachel M. Orr

Old town square in the snow 02/21 - Photo of the week

Last week the snow fun did not end as many of Prague’s hills have turned into improvised ski slopes and the city turned into a winter wonderland. For many, this was the motivation necessary to overcome the cold and head out into town for some great photo opportunities. With temperatures in some part of the country well below -20C I for sure was happy at home under my blankets with a hot cup of coffee. For this week’s photographer of the week, however, the effort was well rewarded with some stunning pictures of the city centre.

These pictures were taken in old town last Friday the 12th of February 2021 during the height of the snow storm by Rachel M. Orr, find her and her two happy dogs Beau the Boston terrier and Murphy the pug on Instagram at @beau_in_the_city   where they share many of their adventures with cute and funny pictures of their every day lives.

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Charles Bridge in the snow 02/21 - Photo of the week